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you are my everything
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the good ol days of LJ [Tue - 12:04am (11/10/2009) ]
[ mood | chipper ]

me and andi buie thinks livejournal should get started up again!!! YEEEAAAAH (:

i'm gay, the end.

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[Fri - 6:19pm (01/13/2006) ]
Happy birthday Tabitha!!
friday 13th.. uhoh.

love you.
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[Thu - 9:28pm (12/15/2005) ]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I think someone is signing on my screen name.
so if you get any weird messages it's not me.

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comments are screened. [Sun - 1:56pm (11/27/2005) ]
One time Brittney and I...
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Fill it out Biatches. [Sun - 6:32pm (07/10/2005) ]
[ mood | happy ]

Friends Application Collapse )

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[Wed - 10:57pm (06/22/2005) ]
[ mood | blank ]

Ok well. went to workouts today. very tired. I also went to softball practice and went to church. this summer has not been as good as i though it would. its kinda boring well yeah im glad that were out but still. theres like 4 more softball tournaments left and were through. I want to hang out with my friends more I just wish I had time. I forgot all about the real world (yeah I know your probally thinkning omg how could you forget) and I didn't watch it but I'll catch up and watch it sometime this week. all 3 guys are ugly so its not going to be as funn as watching MJ. on there. yeah my computer keeps screwing up and freezing. Uh! I had pizza sticks and pizza today I almost forgot how much i hated pizza until today.
I done this like a week or two ago.Collapse )

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[Mon - 6:33pm (03/07/2005) ]
[ mood | refreshed ]

Post a couple of things about yourself annoymously and I'll try and guess who you are.

<3 Brittney

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~Friends Only~ [Sun - 8:51pm (11/14/2004) ]
Comment 2 b added
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