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care to much.

12 January
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My names Brittney. I come off as a bitch when you first meet me. I don't like alot of people so if I like you then your lucky. My friends mean alot to me so don't try and compete with them (your not them nor ever will be) or talk about them. I do not like how the world is dying down to nothing, and I don't understand why it has to be like that. I like school for the simple fact that my friends are there to help me through anything. I can't wait until Novemeber 2008, even though I will be graduated and that will be horrible because I don't want to graduate. I hate History and I probally dislike you. I'm noisy and I don't like alot of raps songs, or people who try to be whores. I hate girls you start drama or like to use you to get information. I can't stand a guy who smokes or lies about everything. I'm not a people pleaser and I say whatever i want like it or not I don't care. I want to be a lawyer, optomitrist, radiologist, investment banker, or a broker. I want to go to a 2 year college first then I want to go to the University of Michigan to finish my career. Wolverines baby!

20 random FACTS.
I have a really BIG thing for curley headed guys.
Mj is the hottest guy ever.
Samantha Findley is my idol.
Texas and Michigan are my 2 favorite softball teams.
Dirty Dancing is my favorite Movie of all times.
I'm a Betty White/Golden Girl Fanatic.
I don't beleive in Love at first site.
I beleive that Reading Litature stories are pointless. I'm in 10th grade. come on.
My lowest grade is a 76.
I get jealous really easy.
I am a Christian.
I get sick easily.
I love my friends.
I love receiving things.
I love my Michigan Wolverines.
I love my Texas Longhorns.
I love Chad Henne. <3
I love familys who support their kids.
I love my family.

20 disslikes.
The world dying down.
boys who smoke.
being called stuck-up slut, and many other things I'm not.
being judged before ever talked to.
people pushing their religions on me.
sequels to movies.
having to take English.
rap music.
people who think acting stupid is cool.
Notre Dame, Minnesota, and Wiscounsin.
being in danger
people who drive drunk
the crime rate in birmingham
important phone calls
people with no common sense.
people who think their better.

Golden Girls are forever friends Love!
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curley hair is love
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betty white is love
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napleon dynamite is love
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Titanic is love that never lets go.

Betty White is Timeless Love

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Trading Cards
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Date Created:11/11/2004
Number of Posts: 63

My Names Brittney Im 15 and I have brown hair and brown eyes and Im about 5'4.I love going shopping and hanging out with my friends,dancing and just being my crazy self. Oo yeah that picture was taken in Oct and it is horrible.Ha
Strengths: Im pretty much a friendly person. I love all my friends with everything their greeeat!I make friends really easy and people say I come on as a shy person when I 1st meet them but once I know them they think TOTALLY different.
Weaknesses: Im a very outspoken person I have alot to say about everyone and dont care as to if they like it or not. I beleive if you dont like sometone then dont pretend you like them just go ahead and tell them b4 they start thinking your one of their friends and if you dont like what someones wearing and they ask you tell them the truth.
Special Skills: rolling my tongue,(ha its rather quite funny) dancing, talking 4-ever, gymnastics.(when I took it)
Weapons: I cant say I have any.
Annoyances: bossy people,people who think their the world,dull colors,winni people, being too hott,walking alot, freezing, reading,scars,fat people that like to wear stuff that shows half the stomach, yorkshierterriors(sp.),cats

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